How To Sew Figure Skate Soakers!

Whether you skate just for fun, or competitively like me, soakers are crucial for the protection of your blades! The terrycloth soaks up the water and snow and keeps your precious blades from rusting. You can save tons of money by making your own soakers! (or if you’re not a skater yourself, whip up a pair for a skater you know!) The plainest commercial soakers cost around $10, and the really fancy ones can be up to $40. When I first started skating I was like, this is ridiculous. There’s got to be another way…

And there is! Through trial and error, and many batches of soakers, I’ve finally created the perfect formula for stylish, functional soakers, that can cost practically nothing to make! (I already had some pretty fabric for the outside, elastic, and I just cut up an old towel for the terrycloth lining, so I didn’t have to buy anything!!!) The supplies needed are very simple, you probably already have them on hand. I believe in you, you can do it! Ok, let’s make some soakers!!

  • You Will Need:
  • Scissors
  • Fabric for the outside of the soakers- this can be pretty much whatever you want! I’m using stretch velvet, which I loooove, but you can also use flannel, cotton, fleece, spandex, or fur and sequin fabrics if you’re confident sewing them!
  • Fabric for the inside, something absorbent. I find that terrycloth works the best, and is most durable, (I cut up an old towel) but if you absolutely need to use something else, try fleece or flannel.
  • 1/4″ wide elastic.
  • Safety pin or bodkin to thread the elastic through the casings.


Before you cut, you will need to take a few measurements to determine the size of the pieces you’re to cut! Measure: The length of the blade (toepick to back) and the depth. (from the bottom of the heel of the boot down to the bottom of the blade) Cut out 2 pieces of outside fabric 2 times the depth measurement + 2″ by 1.5 times the length of your blade. (Example: If my blade is 12″ long by 2″ deep, I will cut a piece that is 18″*6″) Cut your 2 terrycloth pieces out the same way, but cut them 1″ less wide than the outside pieces. Cut a piece of elastic 2 times the length of your blade plus 3″


  1. Place an outside fabric piece right side down on your workspace. Put an inside piece on top, right side facing out, matching short edges, and line them up so that the outside fabric shows through 1/2″ on each long side
Pin in the center so the fabric pieces won’t slip around.
Fold the 1/2″ edges over the terrycloth, like this. Pin the fold in place, and stitch down the long side, close to the edge (not the fold) of the outside fabric with a narrow zig-zag stitch. Important: this fold is going to become a casing for your elastic. Be sure to leave AT LEAST 1/4 of an inch seam allowance on the folded edge for the elastic to go through later. Repeat the folding and sewing on the other side of the rectangle.
Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic. Scrunch through the casing. Be sure to keep track of the other end while doing so! When you get to the end of one long side, insert the elastic through the other long side too. Both ends should be sticking out when you are done. At this point, try the soaker on your skate and pull on both ends of the elastic to cinch it to the proper size. When the elastic is not stretched, you want the soaker to fit around your blade semi-snugly. (not too tight, though!) This definitely takes some fiddling with to get exactly right. Once you have this perfect, you can pin the elastic ends near the fabric to keep them in the proper place.
Now, turn the soaker so that it’s folded in half lengthwise, right sides together, and stitch across both short ends, backstitching at each end to secure. Note: I was using a thin, fine needle for this entire project, and my needles kept breaking when I sewed across the 4 layers of fabric and 2 layers of elastic end of this seam. I switched to heavier duty needles, (90/14 Shmetz stretch needles) and I haven’t had a problem since!
Your soaker is finished! Repeat these steps to make another, and then you’ve got a pair of soakers that (guess what!) YOU made yourself, and fit your skates just right!!!

Thanks so much for reading my blog! Let me know if you would like more Skating posts, or if you are a skater, or if you made these! I just wanted to try something different today, and I hope you liked it! Ciao for now- Maxine